Purpose Project

Officially established in 2023 as a signature part of the Student Flourishing initiative, the Emory Purpose Project will distinguish Emory University as the preeminent model for purpose education by making purpose and meaning the foundation of the educational experience and campus life of Emory.

The Purpose Project unites diverse partners from across the Emory community to enhance students' engagement with questions of personal beliefs, goals, and values to help develop their own sense of flourishing. It also provides opportunities for students to hone various emotional and interpersonal skills so that they can successfully pursue personal and professional goals and develop strategies to explore, discover, and act on what gives their life and work meaning.

Ira Bedzow, Director, Emory Purpose Project

"While flourishing is a lifelong goal, the Emory Purpose Project seeks for students to develop as thoughtful, successful and courageous individuals who can flourish, both at Emory and in their lives. Thoughtful, in that they reflect on what they have learned throughout their lives. Successful, in that they achieve goals through—and not at the expense of—their beliefs and values. Courageous, in that their beliefs and values are truly their own and influence how they choose to impact the world."

Current and Future Programs

The Emory Purpose Project partners with programs, departments and units across the Atlanta and Oxford campuses to provide opportunities and experiences for students to engage in work related to ethics, purpose and meaning.

Purposeful Student Life Engagement Programs

Campus and Global Travel Experiences

Staff Workshops on Facilitating Meaningful Dialogue

Faculty Workshops on Reflective and Purpose-Driven Learning across the Curriculum

Expanding Curricular Opportunities through Existing and New Courses

Upcoming Events